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    Basic manicare(20min)speed manicure(30min)Full manicure(45min)DX manicure(60min)gel manicure
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    Basic pedicure(20min)speed pedicure(20min)natural pedicureFull pedicure(45min)DX Pedicure(60min)gel Pedicure
    【Gel nails】
    clear(30min)1color・ombre(45min)frenchNail Art 1~4(+15min)Nail Art 5~10(+45min)Nail Art 3D or charactersSingle repairGel remorval+strengthenercuticle treatmentGel remorval(with full)
    Short(75min)long(90min)infillSingle repairAcylic remorval(before fullset)Acylic remorval+strengthener1color / gradation / frenchNail Art 1~4(+15min)Nail Art 5~10(+45min)Nail Art 3D or characters
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